alright you guys, time for a new column. i love blogging and sharing things that inspire me, but when i look back through my posts, there just aren’t a lot of them that are focused on interior design. of course, i love fashion and art and photography to no end. but. since interior design is my main gig, i’m thinking i should kick this up a notch here. please welcome the first edition of the new weekly(ish) column: pretty palette.

Pretty Palette 01 by Maggie Jones of Very Pretty, Please

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remember when i had my weekly column over on design for mankind? i really miss it. i absolutely loved doing it and i’d like to continue it on my own blog, but this time i’ll change up the format just a little. my first go: gray malin. i posted about the new collection last week and still can’t get it out of my head. who’s ready to go to the italian riviera with me?


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alright, so my hiatus wasn’t quite over yet i guess. but here i am again, and hopefully i’ll be back on a more regular basis. i have a lot of stuff i want to share with you guys, but i literally have one million photographs to edit before i can do that, so that’s going to take a little bit to sort through. but until then, let’s have a look at these gorgeous images from photographer gray malin. this collection, la dolce vita, is inspired by the italian riviera of the 50′s and 60′s. these are so whimsical and intriguing and just can’t stop staring at them.


you’ll definitely want to check out the rest of the collection too – it’s pretty amazing.



so it’s been a very long time since i’ve kept up with my blog. and i have really missed it. but now i’m back.

this past year has been nonstop pandemonium. between a full time job, a part time job, planning our wedding, planning other people’s weddings, buying a house, moving twice, writing a weekly column for design for mankind, a secret project, and traveling to the philippines and thailand for our honeymoon, there has just been no time. something had to be cut, and unfortunately it was my blog. although i am still crazy busy, i’m going to start making more time for it. this blog may not be hugely popular by any means, but i love it and i miss it and i can’t wait to get started again. so yay!



some of you may have seen some of these images floating around the blogosphere lately, but i couldn’t resist showcasing them on my blog as well. linda bergroth is an interior designer based out of paris and helsinki, and i seriously want her to be my new best friend. actually, i would even be her free intern if i could work with her for a little bit. although every angle of this apartment she designed is completely amazing, i saved my favorite image for last. i literally cannot stop thinking about that painting, and i am dying because i can’t find out who painted it. if anyone can tell me, i will pay you one million dollars. but i digress. please enjoy this gorgeous apartment, and may we all embrace european design.

found here



today i came across this gorgeous home on the french island of île de rè. what a fantastic marriage of contemporary and antique pieces, mixed in with great artwork, strong accent colors, and plenty of white. that living room just sings to me.

found here