yowza. this past month was totally jam-packed. so far june seems a lot less hectic, but i’m sure it won’t stay that way for long. i haven’t even had a new blog post since last week, which i absolutely hate. i know it’s not like i have thousands of followers that are waiting with bated breath for my next post or anything – but still. it’s a personal accomplishment type of thing. i really, really love blogging, and it sure does get under my skin when i can’t make time for it.

even though my life is cray, i’m so incredibly happy and excited. i’m getting things done and making things happen, man. of course, i don’t really love the part where i work full-time at my design firm, and then part-time at a restaurant. but i do love planning my wedding and house-hunting (or maybe even house-building?) with my amazing fiance, sam. i love sharing my ideas and aesthetics on my own blog, as well as in my column on design for mankind (artistic apparel every tuesday – get into it!). i love working on secret projects that make me extremely motivated and stoked for what the future holds. and i really love the idea of moving closer to my family really soon and living out in the country. it’s been cool living in the city, but it’s time for a big change.

please bear with me and keep checking back. no matter how busy things may get, i’m not going to give up on my blog – even if i can’t post everyday. stay tuned peeps, and much love!


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