How to use the miter gauge

Cutting wood is a key task in operating the best portable table saw as well as other table saw. However, Are you a beginner in learning table saws? You find it difficult to cut a perfect piece of wood?

 Currently, many devices come with table saws to support your cutting process more accurately. You have trouble choosing the right tool, right? Do not worry. In today’s article, I will show you the miter gauge tool that is indispensable for workers in cutting wood from cutting straight to cutting corners. Are you curious? I don’t take much of your time. Let’s find out how to use it right away.

How does the Miter gauge work?

Miter gauge includes

Miter Gauge

A thin and long guide metal rod ran along with the miter slot in the saw table

A half-moon shaped head rotates on the connection point between it and the metal guide

Lock mechanism: allows rotating any angle from -45 degrees to 45 degrees

Use a miter gauge to cut a square cross

Step one: align the wooden plate with the fence

First, you mark the length of the board. Then, align the part that you marked with the end of the expanded fence.

Step two: cut wooden boards or planks

After firm alignment with the fence. You just need to gently push the wood panel over the circular saw blade to be ok.

Step three: Remove the cut-off part from the saw blade

After the wooden plate goes through the saw blade, remove the unwanted or excess wood

Note: To cut a perfectly square cross-panel. You must pay attention to whether you have marked the correct location? Did the operation deviate from the mark? One more thing, I would like to note to the new user of the table saw as well as the near and far position of the saw blade and the wood plate also determines the accuracy of the cut.

With this kind of cutting, you have to set, adjust the saw blade 1/8 higher than the thickness of the board.

Cut 45-degree angle

Step one: install, adjust miter gauge to 45 degrees

You can try lifting your saw before you adjust the miter gauge to 45 degrees. If you want to cut a 45-degree angle most accurately, you should measure, mark the outline on the wooden board. Now, it is the same as square cross-cutting. You place the miter gauge with the extension at the end of the fence.

Step two: Cut

After making sure of the angle of the wooden plate. Hold the wooden board firmly against the fence and slowly push it over the blade according to the angle you marked

As you know, square cross-cutting is the easiest type for beginners. This 45-degree angle cut is also quite simple, You just need to use the miter gauge to measure exactly the angle you want to cut is complete.

This type of corner is often used to make the frame of a door or table and chair. Therefore it requires extremely high accuracy. To check the accuracy of this angle, try pairing two 45 degree panels together. If it constitutes a 90-degree angle it is okay.

Cut multiple angles and identical cuts

Step one: Attach the stop block to the extension of the fence.

First, you can cut to your desired length. After that, you have to adjust the end of the board to the end of the fence. You can clamp a stop block (usually stop block angle) to the fence. Push the wooden panel toward the stop block to create beautiful cuts

Step two: Attach the stop block to another fence

After completing the first cut, move to the next cut. Follow the steps like step one to create a cut that looks exactly like the first one.

With this type of cutting, it is often done extensively in making cabinets that require many identical cuts. With the use of stop blocks, you can create many different cuts but still the same in length

Note: for specific short wooden boards under 18 inches. Using longer extension fences is a perfect idea. In contrast, With a long wooden board, of course, a short extension fence is most suitable.

In conclusion

The purpose of rapid development is to make human life easier. Therefore, the Miter gauge was created to help the wood cutting process of people become easier and more convenient. That said, modern equipment only helps you partially. You have to practice regularly to improve your own experience. Do you find this article useful? I hope it is useful. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

The advantages and disadvantages of a manual staple gun in our life


It can be seen that the staple gun is not still strange with many people nowadays. The staple gun is not only popular with the human in one country, but it also is widely used in many countries in the world. With the development of society nowadays, many modern machines are invented to respond to the basic needs and complex needs of the human. It can be said that the appearance of a staple gun is one of the best success of the brain and intelligence of people that contribute to society.

The general information about the staple gun

A staple gun is a handheld machine that is designed to force the metal staple into the materials. The staple gun has many applications in many different industries of society such as the construction works, the decorative works, the carpentry works, and many other professional jobs. This machine can staple a variety of material such as paper, wood, plastic. Nowadays, there are so many staple guns with different types, colors, and functions on the market. We can easily see the staple machine in any machine store in all over the world. That also makes difficult for us to know how to choose the best staple gun for our needs and our conditions. People often divide the staple gun into three major types that completely depend on the energy supply of each type. They include the manual staple machine, the electric staple machine, and the compressed air staple gun. Every type of staple gun has different about the structure and the application. However, they are similar in a feature that is these machines are used to staple the materials. So in this article, I will introduce to you the overview of a manual staple gun and the specific information about its applications in our life.

What does a manual staple gun bring for us in life?

We can say that the manual staple gun plays an important role in our life and this machine is applied in many important fields of our society. We know that everything always has positive and negative aspects. And the manual staple machine not excepted. So firstly, I will share with you the advantages of a staple machine brings us in life.

  • The manual staple gun is very easy to use and it is very safe for everyone:  why did I say that? Because the manual staple gun is designed with a compact and durable form. That is one of the most important features of it that make many people believe and like using it for their works. A manual staple gun is a handheld machine so it is very easy to use. Especially, the manual staple machine also is suitable for every age to use from young people to old people. Moreover, the manual staple gun is also very durable for a long time. The case of this machine is made by the high- quality plastic so it is very safe for use during working with it and very durable over time. One more important note is that we need to clean each part of the manual staple gun after using it to increase the life for the machine. That is a very important step to keep the machine always clean and durable over time, however many people forget to do this step because they think that it is unnecessary to do it. But, we should often do this step after using.
  • The manual staple machine is very high mobility machine: as we know that the electric staple gun and the compressed air staple gun always use the electric or contain other connecting machines to staple the materials. However, the manual staple gun is different from them. The manual staple machine does not use any the electric energy or compressed air, this machine just only use the power of our hands to staple the materials. So we can bring the manual staple gun to any places that we want to staple, even where there is no electric grid. That is also a reason that makes the manual staple gun popular with many people nowadays.
  • The manual staple machine is cheap for users: if we contract the price of a manual staple gun with an electric staple gun or the compressed air staple gun, the price os a manual staple machine is cheaper than other types. Moreover, when using the manual staple machine, we can save the money to buy and the fuel for a machine like the electric.

Some general disadvantages of a manual staple machine

  • Firstly, we need to mention the functions of the manual staple gun: why did I say that? Because the manual staple gun is designed with a small and compact design so it is suitable for lighter and simpler purposes than the electric and compressed air staple machine. This machine is used to staple small materials such as paper and plastic.
  • When we use the manual staple machine, we need to use the strength of the hands, so sometimes we will feel tired and bored during working.

In conclusion

It can not deny that the manual staple gun brings us a lot of benefit for our needs in life. I wish you could get some information that I share in this article and choose the best manual staple machine for your needs.

VonHaus Review: 8 piece or 10 piece wood carving chisel set?

Too many formats to choose for a wood chisel tool such as one piece of wood carving, wood carving set with the bursting of new and old firms. If you are a newcomer to the wooden world, you will be overwhelmed by a wide range of tools, including wood chisels. To make it easier to start a wood carving, I recommend choosing a wood carving set with many wood chisels of different sizes. Although it will have some minor shortcomings, it will save costs for new people who are new to the wood world and do not have many skills in working with wood.

VonHaus is a new brand with 5 years of establishment, which has produced many products including vacuum cleaners, torches, power tools and wood devices. There is also sister brand, VonShef, whose products include tools and accessories for the kitchen. These products from this brand are priced decently. And their products all have a good recommendation. 

Therefore, today I will compare two products of this brand, they are both wood chisels set, a set of 8 pieces for £ 19.99 and a set of 10 pieces for £ 27.99. With such differences, you will see a few points in this article that surprise you. Read carefully and choose for yourself the right product.

Two products named: “VonHaus 8 Piece Wood Carving Chisel Set with Honing Guide, Sharpening Stone & Storage Case” and “VonHaus 10pc Professional Wood Carving Chisel Set with Honing Guide, Sharpening Stone & Storage Case“.



It is impossible to argue that VonHaus has been very creative in the way of wood chisel designs. I am impressed by the packaging of these two products, especially the 10 pieces set. Instead of plastic packaging and a cardboard cover, VonHaus attracts a lot of buyers with a box that is beautiful, sturdy, distinctive and attractive packaging.

* VonHaus 8 Piece Wood Carving Chisel Set

Surely people will see the packaging of 8 pieces set is popular. It is usually seen with hand saws, drill sets, etc. The products are supplied in a molded plastic storage case; the box tool looks like a small suitcase with a handle on the top to help you take it anywhere easily. It weighs 2.72 kg and the box size is 31.2 x 25.9 x 9.9 cm. When holding it feels heavy and looks very beautiful.

Inside the box, the products arranged neatly and reasonable, VanHaus has designed locks for stuff slots to hold the merchandise, this ensures the items not to drop them out.

* VonHaus 10 Piece Wood Carving Chisel Set

VonHaus makes me so love to this box because they created a package for a beautiful wood chisel. This wooden box is exceptionally eye-catching and synchronized with the effects of these products. The wooden box is produced extremely sophisticated; the material and colors are bright, beautiful, firm. This makes the value of this wood chisel very much increased.

Another compliment for the design of this product, the wood chisels are arranged very well, in order from large to small and all products are placed on one side of the wooden box. This makes the user feel more comfortable taking stuff out. Another feature is the keeping of these products in the box, it is firm. It weighs 3.63 kg and the box size is 16.5 x 15.4 x 7.6 cm


* VonHaus 8 Piece Wood Carving Chisel Set

Set comprises:

1 x 6mm chisel

1 x 13mm chisel

1 x 19mm chisel

1 x 25mm chisel

1 x 32mm chisel

1 x 38mm chisel

1 x honing guide

1 x aluminium oxide sharpening stone

One chisel is designed with one chisel blade, one handle. On the overall look, the tool is made well; the color is bright, the grip is strong, having anti-slip, the colors are mixed of orange and black that creates a secure and masculine feel.

Heat-treated chisel, chrome vanadium steel alloy blades with narrow side bevels. After being used for a while, it is pretty sharp, but they have a very solid feel and are comfortable to use for an extended period. Suitable for domestic and professional use

Besides, aluminum oxide sharpening stone and honing guide are excellent in this wood chisel set. It works well and has nothing to blame.

* VonHaus 10  Piece Wood Carving Chisel Set

Set comprises

1 x 19mm chisel

 1 x 25mm chisel

 1 x 32mm chisel

 1 x 50mm chisel

 1 x 38mm chisel

 1 x 13mm chisel

 1 x 10mm chisel

 1 x 6mm chisel

 1 x honing guide  1 x aluminium oxide sharpening stone.

All chisels are splitproof.

The difference of 10 piece set is 10mm chisel and 50mm chisel. This helps you to use more position.

Similar to the 8 piece set, the chisel blades are also heat-treated, chrome vanadium steel alloy blades with narrow side bevels.

Another point is that it has rubberized ergonomic grip handles with metal strike caps. Must recognize the handle of this kit is good, it fits my hand and feels solid, better grip. The advantage of these chisels is the bottom of the handle, which is attached with a piece of chromium that increases their use many times and ensures the durability of the handle and chisel. Still the same color as the 8 pieces is orange and black set, feeling secure and nice.

Besides, one thing I don’t really like about this set is the stone is too narrow and mine seems easy to crack.

2. Quality

If its design is really perfect, I am not satisfied with what they do with the woodworking chisels. Both sets give a result of the same quality. They all encounter an unbalanced, blunt, and pitting tongue. BUT it will really promote its use, sharpness, smooth running on the wood are the uses when undergoing a grinding process and sharpening with the prepared grinding kit in the box. I’m not sure if this is the purpose of the manufacturer. When these chisels are processed in China and run according to the mass production of machines. Maybe this did not guarantee the perfection of all products.


These products still are an excellent wood chisel set and long-term use.  With price and design as well as quality, it is very worth it to try it. I hope this article will give you the right choice.

Carpet material

Carpet is a flooring material used after finishing construction, it is also known by another name as interior decoration material. Today, this product plays an increasingly important role in the lives of almost every family. It is used not only in houses but also in offices, restaurants or hotels. Because of that, carpets are produced more and more widely, with many types, designs, and materials. On the market today, carpets have many different materials, serving the needs of decoration and different purposes of customers. You are wondering what materials to choose for your home’s carpet?

Below I will introduce some of the fiber materials used to produce carpets that are commonly used today. Let’s explore

Synthetic fiber carpet

Synthetic fiber carpet is made of many different materials such as Olefin – Polypropylene. This type of carpet is used a lot in the carpet industry with advantages of tough, soft, non-static fibers, which do not fade over time.

With this type of fiber when combined with modern carpet weaving technology, the carpet will be produced with different thickness and thinness. Costs from low, medium to high. Depending on customer needs. With thin carpets, you can use it for events, conferences. With thicker and better quality you can use it in offices. Besides, There are many people choose synthetic fiber carpet to decorate the living room because it has a variety of colors and sharp.

Carpets are made from Polyester fiber

Features of Polyester fiber is to bring soft feeling, high fiber elasticity, better quality Olefin – Polypropylene a bit. This is a popular fiber used to produce office carpet. With this material,   Carpet can be used to decorate the living room area, meeting room, leadership room … to help space become more luxurious, polite and sophisticated. Moreover, Polyester fiber gives brighter colors. The finished products of this type of fiber have a moderate investment. So the carpet is produced at a reasonable price suitable for many people.

Nylon carpet

Carpets are woven from high elastic nylon fiber, can withstand great pressure or when moving objects. In particular, these carpets are woven from this fiber also bring a beautiful shine. It can be seen that this is the most popular carpet in the current carpet market.  Because of good carpet material, low cost, durable furniture, and long-term use.

Nylon carpets are widely used to design family carpet patterns: dining carpet, living room carpet, bedroom carpet. Moreover, the design of carpets made of Nylon material is also extremely easy. Manufacturers have designed extremely eye-catching carpets suitable for most ages. For example, the carpet will have cute images such as Totoro carpets, .. very popular with young people. And  The carpets with more delicate patterns such as flowers, beautiful scenery, … are very much loved by the people because of its elegance and sophistication.

Acrylic yarn

Acrylic fiber carpet is a kind of fiber that gives you the feeling of wool-like surface, long-term use in the humid and misty environment. They are often used to create carpet products with high quality, durability and very popular use in hotel space with positions such as Corridor, stairs, conference room …  Not only with the hotel space, in the family space such as the living room, the bedroom, the carpet with Acrylic material is also very popular with another name is velvet carpet with ancient patterns, shapes slightly European …very luxurious to create a highlight for the living space.

Wool yarn

Woolen carpets are always in the top quality and most popular carpet materials of all time. Wool yarn not only brings a smooth feeling when using but also can resist fire, limit noise, anti-slip and bring high aesthetic value. besides,  They are so durable, used within 10-15 years.  It brings a cozy and luxurious interior space. Woolen carpets are now produced by hand with beautiful and impressive patterns.  Or Carpets woven by machines are also extremely beautiful, ingenious.  Along with the variety of colors of this carpet, is also easy to combine with sofas to bring the most perfect space.

In conclusion

I have finished showing you some of the most popular fiber materials to make carpets today. Besides the market, there are many other materials used to make carpets that I did not show in this article. Depending on your preferences and needs of use and decoration. Please choose the carpet you like best.


these stunning images by ola rindel are really making me want to get outside today. working through your lunch break everyday is really for the birds, isn’t it?