Carpet material

Carpet is a flooring material used after finishing construction, it is also known by another name as interior decoration material. Today, this product plays an increasingly important role in the lives of almost every family. It is used not only in houses but also in offices, restaurants or hotels. Because of that, carpets are produced more and more widely, with many types, designs, and materials. On the market today, carpets have many different materials, serving the needs of decoration and different purposes of customers. You are wondering what materials to choose for your home’s carpet?

Below I will introduce some of the fiber materials used to produce carpets that are commonly used today. Let’s explore

Synthetic fiber carpet

Synthetic fiber carpet is made of many different materials such as Olefin – Polypropylene. This type of carpet is used a lot in the carpet industry with advantages of tough, soft, non-static fibers, which do not fade over time.

With this type of fiber when combined with modern carpet weaving technology, the carpet will be produced with different thickness and thinness. Costs from low, medium to high. Depending on customer needs. With thin carpets, you can use it for events, conferences. With thicker and better quality you can use it in offices. Besides, There are many people choose synthetic fiber carpet to decorate the living room because it has a variety of colors and sharp.

Carpets are made from Polyester fiber

Features of Polyester fiber is to bring soft feeling, high fiber elasticity, better quality Olefin – Polypropylene a bit. This is a popular fiber used to produce office carpet. With this material,   Carpet can be used to decorate the living room area, meeting room, leadership room … to help space become more luxurious, polite and sophisticated. Moreover, Polyester fiber gives brighter colors. The finished products of this type of fiber have a moderate investment. So the carpet is produced at a reasonable price suitable for many people.

Nylon carpet

Carpets are woven from high elastic nylon fiber, can withstand great pressure or when moving objects. In particular, these carpets are woven from this fiber also bring a beautiful shine. It can be seen that this is the most popular carpet in the current carpet market.  Because of good carpet material, low cost, durable furniture, and long-term use.

Nylon carpets are widely used to design family carpet patterns: dining carpet, living room carpet, bedroom carpet. Moreover, the design of carpets made of Nylon material is also extremely easy. Manufacturers have designed extremely eye-catching carpets suitable for most ages. For example, the carpet will have cute images such as Totoro carpets, .. very popular with young people. And  The carpets with more delicate patterns such as flowers, beautiful scenery, … are very much loved by the people because of its elegance and sophistication.

Acrylic yarn

Acrylic fiber carpet is a kind of fiber that gives you the feeling of wool-like surface, long-term use in the humid and misty environment. They are often used to create carpet products with high quality, durability and very popular use in hotel space with positions such as Corridor, stairs, conference room …  Not only with the hotel space, in the family space such as the living room, the bedroom, the carpet with Acrylic material is also very popular with another name is velvet carpet with ancient patterns, shapes slightly European …very luxurious to create a highlight for the living space.

Wool yarn

Woolen carpets are always in the top quality and most popular carpet materials of all time. Wool yarn not only brings a smooth feeling when using but also can resist fire, limit noise, anti-slip and bring high aesthetic value. besides,  They are so durable, used within 10-15 years.  It brings a cozy and luxurious interior space. Woolen carpets are now produced by hand with beautiful and impressive patterns.  Or Carpets woven by machines are also extremely beautiful, ingenious.  Along with the variety of colors of this carpet, is also easy to combine with sofas to bring the most perfect space.

In conclusion

I have finished showing you some of the most popular fiber materials to make carpets today. Besides the market, there are many other materials used to make carpets that I did not show in this article. Depending on your preferences and needs of use and decoration. Please choose the carpet you like best.

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