How to use the miter gauge

Cutting wood is a key task in operating the best portable table saw as well as other table saw. However, Are you a beginner in learning table saws? You find it difficult to cut a perfect piece of wood?

 Currently, many devices come with table saws to support your cutting process more accurately. You have trouble choosing the right tool, right? Do not worry. In today’s article, I will show you the miter gauge tool that is indispensable for workers in cutting wood from cutting straight to cutting corners. Are you curious? I don’t take much of your time. Let’s find out how to use it right away.

How does the Miter gauge work?

Miter gauge includes

Miter Gauge

A thin and long guide metal rod ran along with the miter slot in the saw table

A half-moon shaped head rotates on the connection point between it and the metal guide

Lock mechanism: allows rotating any angle from -45 degrees to 45 degrees

Use a miter gauge to cut a square cross

Step one: align the wooden plate with the fence

First, you mark the length of the board. Then, align the part that you marked with the end of the expanded fence.

Step two: cut wooden boards or planks

After firm alignment with the fence. You just need to gently push the wood panel over the circular saw blade to be ok.

Step three: Remove the cut-off part from the saw blade

After the wooden plate goes through the saw blade, remove the unwanted or excess wood

Note: To cut a perfectly square cross-panel. You must pay attention to whether you have marked the correct location? Did the operation deviate from the mark? One more thing, I would like to note to the new user of the table saw as well as the near and far position of the saw blade and the wood plate also determines the accuracy of the cut.

With this kind of cutting, you have to set, adjust the saw blade 1/8 higher than the thickness of the board.

Cut 45-degree angle

Step one: install, adjust miter gauge to 45 degrees

You can try lifting your saw before you adjust the miter gauge to 45 degrees. If you want to cut a 45-degree angle most accurately, you should measure, mark the outline on the wooden board. Now, it is the same as square cross-cutting. You place the miter gauge with the extension at the end of the fence.

Step two: Cut

After making sure of the angle of the wooden plate. Hold the wooden board firmly against the fence and slowly push it over the blade according to the angle you marked

As you know, square cross-cutting is the easiest type for beginners. This 45-degree angle cut is also quite simple, You just need to use the miter gauge to measure exactly the angle you want to cut is complete.

This type of corner is often used to make the frame of a door or table and chair. Therefore it requires extremely high accuracy. To check the accuracy of this angle, try pairing two 45 degree panels together. If it constitutes a 90-degree angle it is okay.

Cut multiple angles and identical cuts

Step one: Attach the stop block to the extension of the fence.

First, you can cut to your desired length. After that, you have to adjust the end of the board to the end of the fence. You can clamp a stop block (usually stop block angle) to the fence. Push the wooden panel toward the stop block to create beautiful cuts

Step two: Attach the stop block to another fence

After completing the first cut, move to the next cut. Follow the steps like step one to create a cut that looks exactly like the first one.

With this type of cutting, it is often done extensively in making cabinets that require many identical cuts. With the use of stop blocks, you can create many different cuts but still the same in length

Note: for specific short wooden boards under 18 inches. Using longer extension fences is a perfect idea. In contrast, With a long wooden board, of course, a short extension fence is most suitable.

In conclusion

The purpose of rapid development is to make human life easier. Therefore, the Miter gauge was created to help the wood cutting process of people become easier and more convenient. That said, modern equipment only helps you partially. You have to practice regularly to improve your own experience. Do you find this article useful? I hope it is useful. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.